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17 SEP
BaRock Festival in Schieder

Last Gig 2016

10 SEP
Rover Gig with Sogrady

In your face!

Underground Dormagen

with Xangel

12 FEB
Destinova, Bowneck live!


17 OKT
Cologne Metal Festival

The Metal Event in Cologne!

09 OKT
Musikbunker Aachen

Bowneck and The Tideline support Pandora's Bliss

Bike Week Westerwald

Rocking the "Stöffel Park" in Enspel

10 SEP
Rock The Rover

With AutoPilot and The Erkonauts

12 JUN

with Venture and Think Twice

16 MAY
Markt 17

Supporting Seven Thorns in Hückelhoven

03 MAY

Metal New School Finals, Resonanzwerk

30 APR
Farewell Gig

AoxomoxoA, Aachen


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dummy State of RTO and the Videos

80% of the drum tracks are recorded, rather suprisingly we just added...

dummy Enis

Barely here, already gone. Enis is up and away on a tour around the globe...

dummy Gig Recap Autumn

We were live twice in autumn, first together with Sogardy in Aachen in the Wild Rover, and that was...

dummy Merch

After something like 27 years of Bowneck we did finally agree on a shirt design! Check it out! Order it!

dummy In the Newspaper

C. Leinweber from the "Kölner Stadt Anzeiger" spend an evening with us and it resulted in nice article...

dummy Cologne Metal Festival

We played at the Cologne Metal Festival this year! Had a ton of fun, but we also fucked up the start...

dummy Support for Pandora's Bliss

Together with the Tideline we support Pandora's Bliss, October 9th at the Musikbunker.

dummy Belgium and Aachen

This time we have 2 smaller gigs for you, one is in Aachen and the other in Belgium! See the news for details.

dummy Cologne Metal Festival and the Bike Week Germany

Wir are proud to annonunce 2 big gigs this fall, check the news!

dummy Humble Metal Review

Humble Metal Reviews really liked "Dialectic Disorder", check out the news.

dummy Last Braincell gets a video

Bowneck once again got in the green room and Thomas spend endless hours on his PC, the result is a trip through the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire AND METAL!

dummy Vampster.com Review

Check out the (translated) review in news. Good one.

dummy Trapped in Hell remastered

Since we mastered DD for the release, the Trapped in Hell Video now has mastered sound aswell. Check it out in videos.

dummy The Aoxomoxoa and UnBaCo Gigs

Our take of these 2 very different gigs in news.

latest videos

Last Braincell
Trapped in Hell
Dialectic Disorder Album Preview