Race to Oblivion

Lyrically, there is a theme throughout the album, dealing with the limbo of life as an individual lost soul (Oblivion I+II, Purgatory, Not my Show, One Last Hooray, Falling), but others themes include lost love (Anyone, Ravenesse), concerns of a clown (Nonetheless), a failing body of a vivid mind (Body for Rent), the train engine of a band (Rolling) and the outer edges of the human brain (Last Braincell). The instrumental sound of the album is mainly driven by distorted guitars, with a standard tuning for the first 9 tracks and a heavy dropped C tuning for the last 5. But you will find orchestral parts, synthesizers and frequent clean guitar parts as well.


To escape Oblivion, Bowneck will have to reach the tornado and be granted into the glorious arms of everday.