The Band

Bowneck is... what?

"Bowneck" - "Dialectic Disorder" and "Race to Oblivion" - names that hint at a style of music which defines its own borders and runs through walls - and that leaves marks, leaves scars. Somewhere on the razor's edge between rock and metal and with progressive influences Bowneck strains neck and soul.

Bowneck's Alternative Metal is honest to the core and without predictability. Mastermind Thomas messes with anyone's head while Mathes, Alper and Timm provide the thump. says: "...The brute force, with which typical prog elements are broken up with, is sometimes frightening..."

Got it? Good!

Bowneck was formed in 2005 by guitarists Thomas and Mathes, both being students at Aachen's technical university. Timm joined shortly after. With both guitarists having a metal affinity and Timm being more the rock dude, a balance among things needed to be found and was soon enough in our fresh rehearsal room in a 2nd World War bunker in the vicinity of Aachen's famous "Pontstr.". Somewhat later we found our longest standing bassist in Andi and recorded our first album, more a demo you would call it today. That demo already featured a few songs from our current release and was also called Race to Oblivion. Production quality didn't live up to the songwriting.

With that in tow we played our fair share of local gigs reaching until the Ruhr, Cologne etc. Towards the end of everyone's student time, which was mostly overrunning anyway, we decided to get a little more serious with all the material we accumulated over the years. Through that "Dialectic Disorder" was born, our first "real" album and we are as of today still proud of all the songs. Answering the ever-growing youtube trend, Bowneck - under Thomas' guidance and with his immense effort - created astonishing videos for two songs of "Dialectic Disorder", heavily leaning on green screen action and improvisation to tell epic tales. "Trapped in Hell" and "Last Braincell" are still a joy to watch and opened quite a few doors for us, for example to the Cologne Metal Festival in 2015. We had just recruited a new bassist - Enis - since Andi's focus had shifted more to his family and job and Enis was a great, lively and funny, addition to the band. Soon after we decided to pick up recording again and planned a rework of our first album and do it right this time. With Andi having left the band, we decided to skip his songs and focused on adding new material. Since "Dialectic Disorder" left something desired concerning sound/mix/mastering, we were very perfectionist with every single take of the record, resulting in a way too long process, which along the way involved us getting kids, moving, buying houses and everything you do in your thirties. In between, we had already shot two new videos for the title tracks, actually releasing the first one in 2017, but never finishing the record. We were not very focused all those years. Enis more or less left us to pursue his solo work and Thomas befriended Alper and we suddenly had another new bassist, who is also an amazing singer and guitarist, a true musician.

That helped us get back our creativity and show what Bowneck is capable of and "finish the job" this year. We think we put out quite an amazing piece of music for such a small band and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.