We shot a dedicated video for Nonetheless.

It is almost a feature film back back back to the early 20th century...

Check it out! --> Watch/like/comment/share <--

RELEASE!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen: RE-FUCKING-LEASE

We have a release... Really. After only 8 years, we have finished our 2nd album which is also our first, as it is parly a remake. We spared no expenses, as we got so damn rich with Dialectic Disorder. WE ARE SO PROUD. The sound is boombastic, thanks #kohlekellerstudio.

It's all over the internet, start streaming, buying, listening, dancing, rocking, headbanging. You can order a physical copy from us. We'll set up a form for it soon, for now contact us anyway you like. Whoever finds the cover song may celebrate it, its totally legal.

Check the album out here. Order it at album(at)

Boring Promo Video here.

Need a bulldozer anyone?

Falling (Chanson de Planier as we call it) now ALSO has a video to celebrate the upcoming release of "Race to Oblivion". It features us on stage, something we dearly miss.


silently... anyone!

Anyone - a song very dear to us - now has a video to celebrate the upcoming release of "Race to Oblivion".


Give me this one last hooray!

We recorded One Last Hooray at our rehearsal place. 9 cameras and 9 mics, hope you enjoy it. Not the easiest song in our portfolio but well worth the time.


Hey Dave, thanks for the ride!

Part 2 of Race to Oblivion is online on youtube!


I'm running the race to OBLIVION

The first part of our desert adventure is online!


Youtube Channel

We have our own Youtube Channel called "Bowneck" now and reposted the original videos there so you can access all Bowneck content with it. We will also post more live videos and snippets there once we ramp up the activity after recordings.

State of RTO and the Videos

80% of the drum tracks are recorded, rather suprisingly we just added a new track Thomas came up with, which still needs to be figured out a bit. The Video for the first part of Race to Oblivion is almost done aswell, with Thomas digging deep in his magic hat und us turning the bunker into a film studio for a flying band of animals. Stay tuned. And ofc: A Happy New Year.


Barely here, already gone. Enis is up and away on a tour around the globe. Therefor does our liveseason end in September in 2016. Bowneck wishes him a ton of fun, we will see how we go on in 2017, with or without him is still up in the air. Yet, we will be busy, hitting the studio for our retake of "Race to Oblivion", shooting a Video for it and then he should be back anyway and we can figure things out. So go rock Australia man!

Gig Recap Herbst

We were live twice in autumn, first together with Sogardy in Aachen in the Wild Rover, and that was a unforeseen blast with an great audience banging all over the place. Beforehand seen as a warmup for the BaRock Festival it was the much better of the 2 gigs. The amateur festival was badly promoted, shitty weather didnt help and therefor basically noone showed up. It was organised by kids which acutally viewed amateur band = plays for free, but heck we wanted another gig with Enis, else we wouldnt have made the 300km trip into the nether anyway. We ended up with a decent video however, luckily pointed at the band, not the nonexistent audience.


After some pretty long discussions did all of Bowneck agree on a shirt design. So we have our own merch aside from CDs. The design is related to our 1st record "Race to Oblivion" which we will rerecord partly to make it as good as it should be. Also planning a long video for the 2 title songs which are basically 1 song.

Newspaper Article

Christian Leinweber of the "Kölner Stadt Anzeiger" - basically the biggest newspaper in Cologne met with us and we talked for hours about our music, concepts and videos. The result was a very good article on Bowneck. Check it out! Beware, it's of course in German.

Cologne Metal Festival

Reviewing our performance at the Cologne Metal Festival. Difficult. We did have a ton of fun and the early people there had aswell. We however also fucked up the 1st song, messing up the intro and then on top a cable on Mathes' noise gate came loose and we had to find the error for 3 minutes. Not great if you want to impress a crowd that basically doesnt know you at all. It went a lot better after this and people starting headbanging, but of course reviewers were not kind to us after this hellish start. A great thanks to the CMF team for inviting us and the great support, and if we ever get another shot, we'll surely make up for this.


After a mess with the Gig in the Wildrover due to an injury we have something of a makeup gig for our Aachen fans. Together with The Tideline we support Pandora's Bliss in the Musikbunker in Aachen. We start exactly at 20h so don't be late.

Twice the charm

More gigs, almost a tour. On Sept. 10th we rocken our homebase: The Wild Rover in Aachen. Together with AutoPilot from Heerlen and The Erkonauts from Geneva. Autopilot will open the evening with their heavy Rock The Erkonauts will tear the place apart in the end. Afterwards they basically take us along into Belgium into the B52 in Eernegem along with Forsaken World from France.

MAJOR Gig coming up - part 2

Part 2 of the big gigs announcement is the Cologne Metal Festival which takes place on October 27th. This should be a ton of fun with a bombastic lineup of Disillusion, To the Rats and Wolves, Sic Zone, Tyron, Shape my Clarity, Mortal Peril, Grey Season, Martyrion, Use Möre Gas, Wild Rider and of course Bowneck. Tickets are 12€ and you get em from any of us. Support us and this great event by rocking with us!

MAJOR Gig coming up - part 1

Hey guys, we can announce a big gig in autumn 2015. We'll rock the main stage at the Bikeweek Germany in Enspel, Saturday September 19th, 18h. We'll play for around 90 minutes, which means well play basically everyone good song we have and maybe a new one aswell. This is a big event with 20000 people coming and if only 10% of that come to our stage we'll be more than delighted.

Humble Metal Reviews awards 9/10 to "Dialectic Disorder"

The young Webzine Humble Metal Reviews took a long and thorough look at "Dialectic Disorder" and "loves our madness"... Check out the review here, it's in German though.

Video Release "Last Braincell"

We again spend a ton of time in the greenroom (and other places) which resulted in a trip through the 5 elements: earth, water, air, fire and METAL! See the video on this page under videos or directly at youtube.

UnBaCo and Aoxomoxoa Gigs

We played 2 gigs in a few days that were quite different in nature. First we said goodbye to Aachen's Aoxomoxoa supporting When Trees Leave Wolves. Was a great and fun gig with amazing sound for the small venue and a nice crowd. That's more or less what we do this for. Have some fun on stage and have a nice evening among equal minded people. Stage was pretty packed though with the equipment of the 2 bands.
The other gig was the final of the UnBaCo in Oberhausen's Resonanzwerk. Somehow the unwanted stepchild of all the music categories we had to choose, Metal New School was badly supported (no headliner, no flyers and no PR for the finals) and that resulted in a rather empty Resonanzwerk contrary to the decent lineup for a few €. We had about 5 supporters there, as expected for the distance to Aachen, and yet still finished 5/8. Contests are stressful and if you have a broad repertoire to offer, the stage time is immensely short. At least we managed to play each planned song this time and Thomas butt didn't receive unexpected freedom. Not the kind of gigs we like and our last contest. Too old and too good and too proud to spend hours and hours rehearsing and in the end you overpay on all ends. Heard the other finals (Gothic, Metal Old School and Rock) did go a lot better though. The UnBaCo Team is however friendly, but it sucked that the proclaimed "Metal New School" was basically a Metalcore contest and us and maybe Rebattered (which kicked ass and were our clear winners)...


"Dialectic Disorder" was reviewed on I must say we're proud of this one, as the author really spend time to grasp what we we're trying to achieve and acknowledged it. Check it out:

"They still exist, the German newcomers that seek new ways in Progressive Metal - and find them. It begins with the bold title image, where butterflies and dragons and flowers make you frown. Musically, the quartet from Aachen then fortunately acts less cheesy, but at least as freaky. Lyrically, there are lines in "Dialectic Disorder II" like: "This is my love, I married music, now she's my bitch that I'm ever abusing". BOWNECK obviously do not just want to play, but wann to thoroughly reign over the their playground and turn it into a mental hospital. The production so has its edges, yet those do only barely affect the listening experience. In the long term the interrupting speech parts between the pieces disrupt the flow of the record.

The rhythm section provides solid work. The guitars switch back and forth between quiet passages, harder riffs and oblique harmonies. The song adapts flexibly to the various stages of insanity. "Dialectic Disorder I", "Nothing On Top" and "Trapped In Hell" sound, for example, like a hyperactive version of RAGE old songs.

Otherwise, the rocking "Last Brain Cell" lets you listen up. The catchy chorus has single potential and the idiosyncratic text clearly shows what was missing from DREAM THEATER in this area in the last ten albums. As once in SECRECY or Jester's MARCH there are no significant keyboard passages, you really get an abundance of metal provided straight to your ears. The music draws its independence from the wicked default mood concerning music and the lyrics. Thus, noone can be surprised at the end of this acoustic roller coaster ride, that there is a also a hidden ABBA cover.

The brute force with which typical prog elements are broken up with is, is sometimes frightening. The perception of beauty, irritation and dislike changes partly from bar to bar. For fans of unconventional metal, "Dialectic Disorder" is certainly attractive, even if I will listen to a spin of "Parallels" to calm down after this review."

You can find the original in German here.

Video Release "Trapped in Hell"

If you wanna see Thomas fight his mental prison, check out our first video to our album "Dialectic Disorder"! The track ist called "Trapped in Hell". We filmed it on greenscreen and Thomas did the rest with Aftereffects. You can check out how he has done it in a long series here.

Album release

We released "Dialectic Disorder" - 12 tracks. Check it out here. We're so proud.

Interview with Thomas on the upcoming album Dialectic Disorder

The album's title is "Dialectic Disorder" - why did you choose that title?

Dialectic actually is something positive, it's the human ability to consider things from 2 different point of views - thesis and antithesis - and develop a useful idea from it - the synthesis. Unfortunately you don't really need 2 interacting persons for such a process, you can also make it happen withhin your own brain. If you you overdo it and think it all through until the very end, bevor you can conclude something for the real world - see "if there's a way, I will think it asunder" - then this apparent art of dialectic thinking shifts into being a curse, a disease. You get lost in condradictions without being able to extract any kind of benefit for your life. Since I am a self-diagnosed victim, most of the lyrics deal with my attempts to break out of this mental prison.

How is this concept being mirrored in the song's lyrics?

The two titletracks "Dialectic Disorder I" and "II" reflect the concept the most, using sharp alternations between positive and negative moods and mental approaches in the verses. The last track "Final Cry" already flirts with schizophrenia. Overall the album deals a lot with thinking structures and the brain itself, which is, as you know, made from two halfs. Originally it was planned to have one half of the songs with a positive, promising mindset and the other half with a negative, sentimental mood, but I fear the negative dominates after all. Only with "Unstable" did our drummer provide throughout positive lyrics, but I fear, with me, there is always a bit of cynicism and "end-of-the-world-thinking" involved, even if the song is meant to be positive.

Did you put up more efforts to underline the album's concept?

The album's artwork also plays with the theme, a feature you will only be able to experience once you buy a hardcopy of it. This however has somewhat gone out of style.

If you would release one or two songs as singles, which ones would you choose and why?

My favourites are "Last Braincell" and "Trapped in Hell", because I have ideas for a video for both inside my head, which I would like to make happen. And then there is the powerballad "Ten Years", which was written by our guitarist, where I simply had to add lyrics and vocals, which basically happened on its own. Somehow you realise the emotions involved in the song right away.

You talk of videos, are there any precise plans?

A problem is always the feasibility, since we have very limited funding and no external help. The ideas in our heads are very much alive and kicking, but it remains to be seen if we can put em into something real. At the moment we're on a video for "Trapped in Hell", since it can be created with the least amount of financial commitment.

Which song proved to be the easiest in its creation?

Somehow, none was really easy. With most songs we had to deal with creative blockades in the brain, either on the music or on the lyrics. If any, then it's "Princess of Baboons" which was done the quickest.

With which songs did you have the most problems in their creation?

Well, "My Kingdom Fall" originally was planned for the last record already, but since our guitarist and mixer refused persistently to mix and master it in its old status, we had to postpone it. We changed the song's structure at least 5 times and never were satisfied. Through a remix from our drummer did we find the right structure and now it's a deserving opener for the record. "Black Hole Me" we did bury a couple of times already due to the amount of time shifts in the track, but I am glad it made it on the record.

Compared to the first record "Race to Oblivion" did your sound evolve substantially and above all did the style become for homogenic. How did that happen?

I think, it happened because everyone has by now found his place within the band and has understood what his duties are. For the first record there were still many differences in style and even some open war about it. We have grown more professional in this matter and of course have learned a lot. You have to consider, that our rehearsal room is also our studio. This means a lot of sweat and tears but also more musical overall understanding and maximum freedom.

Thank you for the interview!